Exclusively with CasaVerano


We at CasaVerano can now through an exclusive collaboration with
Securitas offer you a complete alarm system for your home - so you can
rest assured that you will not get any unwanted guests in your home in Spain.



(Ordinary price = 299 €)

43 € / month the first 36 months. 33 € / month thereafter.

(Prices are excl. 21% vat)

FREE emergency response when alarm goes off.


Complete alarm system

  • Sentinel anti-jamming system with quality control
  • 1 Magnetic shock sensor for early detection
  • 2 Photo detectors with image verification
  • 1 Control panel with talk / listen module
  • 1 Intelligent key reader
  • 1 High powered siren
  • 6 Encrypted keys
  • External deterrents

The package includes connection to CRA,
communications and full maintenance of the system.

The installation is completely customized to your needs.

The equipment is totally wireless.

The contract period is 36 months.

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To take advantage of our exclusive offer - and get your home secured with Verisure Alarm from Securitas Direct, you only need to fill in the fields below.
You will then be contacted for when and where the alarm will be installed.

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