Currencies direct Safe and easy money transfer
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Currencies direct Safe and easy money transfer

Safe and easy money transfer

We work with Currencies Direct so that we can offer you a very favorable exchange between kroner and euro when you transfer money to or from Spain.
Contact us, and we will get our Norwegian contact at Currencies Direct to contact you for a non-committal chat.
If you want to make direct contact, we appreciate you referring to CasaVerano.

Currencies Direct is a UK-based foreign exchange company that offers a range of services to customers who need to transfer money internationally.

Their main service is currency exchange, which allows customers to buy and sell currencies at competitive rates. They offer same-day and forward contracts, allowing customers to lock in exchange rates for future transactions.

In addition, Currencies Direct offers a range of specialized services such as limit orders and stop-loss orders, which allow customers to set their preferred exchange rate and minimize their risk of currency fluctuations. They also offer a multi-currency prepaid card, which allows customers to hold and spend money in multiple currencies without the need for multiple bank accounts.

Currencies Direct prides itself on offering competitive rates and low fees, with no hidden charges or transfer fees. They also offer expert advice and guidance to customers, helping them to make informed decisions about their international money transfers.

Overall, Currencies Direct provides a range of convenient and reliable services to customers who need to transfer money internationally, offering competitive rates and expert guidance.