Lystad Eiendom

is a family business that buys and sells property on the Costa Blanca - the White Coast of Spain
We offer everything new and used on the market so that you can be sure that together we will find the right home for you.

After almost 20 years on Costa Blanca we are very well acquainted with most areas and can therefore give both good and valuable advice on everything you might be wondering about in connection with your upcoming home purchase here on Spain's White Coast.

We work closely with all the largest developer companies here Costa Blanca as well as others - both Spanish, English and Scandinavian real estate agents in the area, which in turn helps to ensure that you as a buyer get the best conditions and the best follow-up both before, during and after the purchase process.


It is very important, both for you as a buyer - and us as your housing intermediary - that you feel comfortable with everything that happens, from the time you decide to go on your first viewing and until after a possible purchase has been completed.

Our partner, Mare Nostrum Solicitors, who takes care of the legal and ensures your security by deed transfer at Notary, creation of NIE number, bank account, insurance, will, tax return, contracting, electricity and water etc. are very experienced and professional in their fields.


We offer very favorable viewing tours with all the focus on finding the right area and the right home for you. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, we have an agreement with the beautiful hotel, La Laguna i Ciudad Quesada. Here you can let all impressions sink in and discuss with your partner and have a pleasant evening with good food, pleasant staff and luxurious surroundings.

Feel free to contact us for more information - and good luck with the search for your new home!

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There are many homes on the market with great variation in price, and it can quickly feel a little overwhelming to find your own.

Send us some information about what you are looking for and we will guide you through the entire process from A to Z.

We are here for you both before, during and after the purchase of your new home here on Spain's White Coast and we will always make sure that you as our customer are left with the right good feeling of having made the right choice.

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In advance thank you! - and thank you for the trust you have shown us by choosing us as your partner!